Sunday, April 12, 2009

Going Upstream

God is so faithful, so good. It blows my mind. I am having a hard time even putting thoughts together and typing. I believe that God has revealed where we are supposed to go and it is just like God to tie everything together.

If you take a look back at our first post you will remember that God called us to "go upstream". I remember Chad coming downstairs and saying, "We have to go upstream and find out who's throwing people in the water." He was sooo right. All along Mattie and I have felt called to go specifically to Ethiopia, but we didn't really know why or with who or how.........but God knows.

Tracy, a friend of ours posted this video on her page and told us to watch it. I was overwhelmed with the sense that God was saying "This is it". Please check out this video and the web site (specifically the page that tells "the story".) These children are called "mingi" or cursed and they are being saved from being drowned in the water by their . I emailed the contact immediately (tonight). They are a family with 5 kids and they are moving to Ethiopia in 5 weeks to help run the orphanage for these precious children. I can't wait to see what God has planned. Please pray for us. Please pray for these precious children. And Praise God for His perfect plan!

Thank you God for Tracy and her family. Thank you Tracy for listening to God and heeding His callings on your life. Thank you Elle for being so passionate for God and His children.


  1. thank YOU for your passion for His children in africa! can't wait to watch and pray for you on your journey there!

  2. That is really exciting Angela. I didn't realize you guys were planning to move. It's encouraging to hear your commitment to God's plan and to hear how it is affecting your children. Love you!