Monday, June 15, 2009

Serving His Children

Just found out about this ministry in Uganda. It is just getting started and looks really cool. Will you be in prayer for them? They are focusing on feeding and loving the poorest of poor in Uganda. I've been feeling led in a more specific direction lately. I feel especially called to feed and love on these children. I believe God has given me a gift of milk that His children are in need of. I want to share that gift. Chad and I have been praying about who to take a trip to Africa with.........maybe these servants?......I emailed them.......we'll see.

Interesting.....The music on this video is Chad's favorite band....David Crowder*Band.....playing his favorite song.......You Never Let Go.
Side Note: Our family is going to see them in concert in Birmingham on Aug. 7. The kids are huge fans as well and they are so excited!

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  1. You guys should come see us when you come to Birmingham!