Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Gifts with a Double Blessing

As we celebrate God's amazing gift to us this Christmas season we are excited to have found a way to add more meaning to our gift giving. I wanted to share some of the links where we will be doing our Christmas shopping (and requesting) this year. There are many different options and places to shop that give a double blessing. Some purchases help adoptive families, some help Christian artisans from around the world to make a living, some help feed and clothe orphans. Lots of gift ideas for the whole family--toys, bags, shirts, puzzles, bowls, baskets, jewelry, coffee, shoes, and more. Check it out. It's so exciting to be able to give gifts that truly help others!

Christian Freedom International
Handmade gifts-- toys, bags, puzzles, baskets, jewelry, and more-- made by persecuted and struggling Christians around the world.

Saints Coffee
Purchase a pound of coffee and feed an orphan for 1 month.

TOMS Shoes
Purchase a pair of shoes and a pair will be donated to someone less fortunate--1 for 1.

Tiny Rockstar
Purchase a t-shirt and feed an orphan for 1 month.

Tracy's Adoption Shop
Various Ethiopian gifts that support adoptive families.

Integrity Worldwide Christian International Missions Donations
Provide protective bed netting or clean water to a family in need.

World Vision Donations: Animals
Give a family a goat, chicken, cow, sheep, fish pond, etc. to provide income for their family and community.

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