Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mission Update

Dear Family and Friends,
We hope that you have had a blessed beginning to this new year. We are so thankful to have each of you in our lives. The love and support that you have shown us as we explore serving God in mission work means more than you will ever know.
We wanted to update you on our journey. We had hoped to be able to travel to Africa the first part of this year. As we have prayed and sought God’s guidance in this, we believe that His Spirit has been saying, “wait, it’s not time yet.”
We fully believe that God has called our family to serve Him and His hurting children around the world. We continue to pray for His wisdom as we seek the best way for our family to be more involved in missions. We are listening to His voice and trying to follow His lead. Because we do not yet know when God’s Spirit will lead us to travel or what the next step may be, we want to graciously return your generous gifts. Your outpouring of financial support was a great source of encouragement to us. Thank you. We feel very convicted that we are not to hold you back from passing on these financial blessings to others while we wait to hear from God.
The Lord has opened our eyes to many injustices that break His heart—child abandonment, neglect, abuse, hunger, extreme poverty and sickness. In the past when we have seen tragedy and despair we have wondered how we could help. God has been faithful to show us many ways that we can join in caring for those less fortunate than we. He has given us the opportunity to connect with and even partner with several faith based groups that are bringing hope to the hopeless in Africa as well as other countries. God is blessing our family in heavenly ways as He teaches us the joy of giving up our wants in order to meet the basic needs of others. We want to encourage you to check out some of the opportunities that you can be involved also.

World Orphans
World Vision
Kingdom Vision Int.
Zemba Kids Ministries
Drawn From Water

Thank you for coming along side our family with your love, support, and prayers. Please continue to pray for us as we heed the call to missions that God has placed on our lives. We will continue to pray for you in your journey as well.
We Love You!

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  1. I so admire the way that you guys are always listening and asking God where he wants you. Sometimes, even when we want Him to say "Go", he surprises us with "Stay". Wherever you are you will be serving those who you are so passionate about by communicating that contagious passion to others. We love you!